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 The Picture Editing Game

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PostSubject: The Picture Editing Game   Mon May 14, 2007 6:06 pm

Ok ppl...this will b a long post but bare with me hear:

Ok, this is called the picture editing game and it is rele simple if u know how 2 do it.

So there will b a picture i put up later on in this post, first u have to save it 2 ur file by right-clicking it and clicking "Save Picture As", next pick a place and click save. open up a program on ur computer called Paint....everyone has it cause it comes standard on all computers. Next click "File" on the top bar, then "Open"...then the game starts...go to the side and click a tool and edit the pic howevr u want...when ur done, click "File" then "Save". Then come back here and post it on here by simply copy and pasting. Simple as!

Here's the picture:

This is the most random picture i cood find and i hope u can c it if u cant hears the link 2 it and just save it and paste it from there:

Thank u 4 ur time
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The Picture Editing Game
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